The 7th workshop:
Tools for Global Product Development
October 13th 2016

Focus: the workshop focused on the identification of design requirements for emerging markets, advancements in the integration of agile development in the manufacturing industry, and a toolkit to support the development of key performance indicators in product development projects.
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The 6th workshop:
Global Product Development Processes
November 24th 2015

Focus: the workshop invited Jacob Spangberg, product development process expert at Danfoss, to share best practice for developing product development models in a global context. Furthermore, key insights from Danish and Chinese companies were presented in relation to strategic decision making and the development of products for global markets. 
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The 5th workshop:
Industrial Cases and Product Development Processes
May 5th 2015

Focus: the workshop was held in collaboration with a product development consultancy in Denmark and focused on pioneering the combined use of stage gate and agile innovation techniques and presented a practical tool for measuring the impacts of globalization on the product development process. 
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The 4th workshop:
Industrial Cases and Product Development Processes
November 17th 2014

Focus: the workshop invited Torben Pedersen, global program development manager at Grundfoss, and Nick Weppennaar, development engineer at National Oilwell Varco, to share their experience with adapting product development models and resource management techniques for a global context. In addition, an approach for building shared understanding in distributed teams was presented. 
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The 3rd workshop:
Industrial Cases
June 3rd 2014

Focus: the workshop focused on sharing the results from several in depth industrial case studies, which aimed to develop an understanding towards the following: joint innovation; performance measurement; and decision making. 
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The 2nd workshop:
Towards a Globally Integrated Joint Innovation Process
31st October 2013

Focus: the workshop invited Jakob Bønnelykke Kristensen, R&D senior project manager at AMBU A/S, to share best practice towards a fully integrated global innovation process. Furthermore, results from a joint innovation survey, a case study of the latest Chinese innovation processes and a model for improved innovation performance through enhanced team communication were presented. 
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The 1st workshop:
Best Practices and Challenges in Performance Measurement
16th April 2013

Focus: the workshop invited Bent Møller, senior consultant at Force Technology, to share best practice of quality controls during global product development. In addition, the results from a survey focused on key performance indicators used for global product development were presented. 
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