Toolkit Implementation

The strategic decision-making and performance management process is a ten-stage approach designed to support management to overcome the challenges with global product development at both the strategic and operational level by incorporating experience of best practice from industry. 

To support to implement the ten-stage approach, please download the guidebook and the accompanying one-day workshop presentation from the links provided below. It is important that the facilitator reads the guidebook prior to conducting the one day workshop. 

The ten-stage approach is supported with over 50 facilitation cards that provide examples of best practice from multinational Danish firms currently involved with global product development. Please download the facilitation cards below to support the completion of each of the stages in the process.



Download guide

Download elements from the guidebook below as pdf format.

 Stage (I): Decision Definition  ·  Download (.zip)

Stage (II): Identify Motivations  ·  Download (.zip)

Stage (III): Scenario Descriptions  ·  Download (.zip)

Stage (IV): Uncertainty Reduction  ·  Download (.zip)

Download Stage (V): Action Planning  ·  Download (.zip)

Download Stage (VI): Assessment of Conditions  ·   (Download (.zip)

Download Stage (VII): Measurement Concepts  ·  Download (.zip)

Download Stage (VIII): Indicator Development  ·  Download (.zip)

Download Stage (IX): Monitor and Measure  ·  Download (.zip)