Practical Tools for Global Product Development

The establishment of global production sites in low cost regions such as China, India and Eastern Europe has been a key force in inducing a more recent trend in Western manufacturing firms - the global distribution of product development activities. This represents a major transformation in industry as firms must decide which activities should be kept in-house and which should be globalised, and how these activities should be coordinated to ensure collaboration between culturally diverse and geographically dispersed engineering teams.

Over the past five years, our research with over 60 leading multinational firms in Denmark has resulted in the development of a practical guidebook to support Western manufacturing firms in their pursuit for successful global product development. 

The guidebook provides a toolkit to:

Support the strategic decision-making process during the global distribution of product development activities Translate strategic decisions into measurable action to support the operation of a globalised product development process. The guidebook aims to strengthen the management and operationalisation of global product development.


Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen
Professor DTU Management Engineering
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Twitter: @SaeemaDesignEng

Thomas Paul Taylor
Postdoctoral Researcher
DTU Management Engineering
Email: ttay@dtu.dk

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